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Embarking on a teeth whitening journey with City Dental Group in Manhattan is a fantastic way to rejuvenate your smile. While the process delivers stunning results, it’s common to experience some tooth sensitivity afterward. Fear not – sensitivity is a temporary side effect that typically fades away soon after your teeth whitening treatment. To help you navigate this period with ease, we’ve compiled a set of tips and tricks that will contribute to a more comfortable post-whitening experience.

  1. Maintain Regular Brushing Habits:

Consistent oral hygiene is your best defense against post-whitening sensitivity. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day with an ADA-accepted toothpaste containing fluoride is crucial. Fluoride aids in rebuilding tooth enamel, which may be slightly weakened during the whitening process. This essential mineral strengthens enamel, effectively countering whitening-induced tooth sensitivity.

  1. Consider Anti-Sensitivity Toothpaste and a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush:

For an extra layer of protection against sensitivity, switch to an anti-sensitivity toothpaste, such as Sensodyne. These toothpaste varieties are formulated with special ingredients designed to desensitize teeth and alleviate the intensity of whitening-induced sensitivity. Additionally, if you typically use a medium or stiff-bristled toothbrush, opting for a manual, soft-bristled alternative during this period will contribute to a gentler brushing experience.

  1. Temporarily Avoid Extremely Hot or Cold Foods:

Extreme temperatures can trigger and exacerbate tooth sensitivity. To minimize discomfort, steer clear of extremely hot or cold foods and beverages for a few days following your whitening treatment. This includes refraining from hot soups, scalding coffee, ice cream, and iced beverages. As your sensitivity diminishes, gradually reintroduce these items into your diet.

  1. OTC Pain Relievers for Discomfort:

Over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen can provide relief from whitening-induced tooth sensitivity. While these medications may not eliminate tenderness entirely, they can significantly ease any discomfort, especially when combined with other recommended tips.

Ready for a Brighter Smile? Choose City Dental Group for NYC Teeth Whitening!

Whitening-induced sensitivity is a transient inconvenience, quickly overshadowed by the enduring brilliance of your revitalized smile. Following teeth whitening at City Dental Group in New York City, your teeth will showcase a radiant beauty that lasts for years. If you’re eager to erase stains and discoloration, basking in the benefits of a brighter smile, don’t hesitate. Visit City Dental Group for a transformative teeth whitening experience!